SET #2 - 7x2ML


Discovery Set # 2 is a set chosen mainly by men and women who like stronger, more masculine fragrances. Inside there are 7 perfume samples: 2 compositions from the “Classic Collection” (male / unisex) and 5 compositions from the “Fiddah Collection” (male fragrances).

The samples are packed in a beautiful box with the Kajal logo, the glass atomizer vials have a capacity of 2 ml each (a total of 14 ml in the set).

It is possible to pack the set as a gift and add personalized wishes.

149.00 zł

Discovery set #2 includes:


HOMME – first men’s fragrance created for Kajal in 2015, as a result of cooperation between perfumers: Rosendo Mateu and Christian Carbonell. Kajal Homme is a classic. Sporty and elegant at the same time. In its classic, masculine character it is also refined, rich and extremely sensual.

HOMME II – The latest fragrance from the Kajal brand, created in 2021 by the same duo: Rosendo Matue and Christian Carbonell. As well as its predecessor Kajal Homme, it is definitely a masculine fragrance, full of class and elegance. Homme II is an extremely charismatic composition that will complement the grace, style and uniqueness of a man.


SAREEF – A composition created by Christian Carbonnel, launched in 2017. It is a charismatic, lively and energetic fragrance. The man who wears it is friendly, polite and well-liked. Sareef fills the space with good energy and smile. Everyone’s friend.

SAWLAJ – A bold composition for a confident person. Sawlaj makes a great impression. It is a reflection of a strong character and assertiveness. Definitely the strongest of all the fragrances in the collection. Fragrance family: leather.

WAREK – A beautiful fragrance that exudes an unusual and addictive charm around it. It belongs to strong and decisive compositions. It’s hard not to fall under its spell. Fragrance family: oriental-woody.

ALUJAN – Absolutely seductive, rich and pleasant. The main character here is rose, in a very masculine and interesting version. Extremely joyful, modern and certainly unique. Fragrance family: oriental-woody.

FIDDAH – Warm, sensual, with a smoky leather accent. Fiddah is a strong composition that is strongly felt on the skin. For self-confident men who like to focus the attention of others. Fragrance family: leather.

Wiecęj informacji na temat każdego z zapachów znajduje się w zakładce „Collection”.



For all those who do not know the Kajal Perfumes Paris brand yet and would like to try our compositions, we have created Discovery Sets, which we have divided into several categories: feminine / unisex, masculine / unisex and brand bestsellers. Unisex fragrances are often chosen by both women and men and are therefore not classified as feminine or masculine.