Magical, hypnotizing and charming Dahab by Kajaj is a masterpiece created by renowned perfumers: Christian Carbonnel and Rosendo Mateu. With “Dahab” meaning “Gold”, the fragrance exudes wealth and luxury to the wearer.

185 EUR



CATEGORY: feminine

Golden Dahab (the word in Arabic means „gold”) is a wonderful fruit nectar served on an oriental-musky base. In the opening, our sense of smell is attracted by the appetizing notes of green Granny Smith apple and passion fruit – on the one hand sour, on the other sweetish. The joyful and carefree chords of the head notes are balanced by the woody notes of cedar and aromatic corianderin in the heart of the composition . Deep down, durability and softness are ensured by amber and sensual musk, to which a noble patchouli leaf has been added. Addictive like a sophisticated dessert, Dahab is a scent that shimmers with golden fruitiness and envelops the skin with warmth and the mystery of the Orient. Optimistic, uplifting, seductive, it will work both on a hot summer day and on a cool winter morning. Under its influence, the smile appears on the face by itself!


A collection of seven best-selling fragrances created by one of the world’s most famous perfumers: Christian Carbonnell, Rosendo Mateu, Mark Buxton and Rania Jounaeh. The compositions from the Classic Collection are very modern. The bottles retain their oriental character, while the fragrances themselves are definitely more European. Often chosen as a gift, our top of the top.