Sawlaj is a fragrance for a confident person. Assertive and attractive at the same time. It is an accurate depiction of strong personality and authority. Sawlaj is a bold and impressive fragrance. The person who wears it can be described with the words: The Big Boss.

185 EUR



CATEGORY: masculine

Sawlaj masterfully combines the three keys to success in men’s perfumes: the warmth of spices, rough skin and vanilla sweetness. They coexist in perfect harmony in this exceptionally long-lasting Eau de Parfum. Mediterranean labdanum resin, placed in the top notes with a citrus duet of bergamot and lemon, announces that it will not be just another everyday fragrance. Its festive character is deepened by chords of the heart – the aforementioned leather, patchouli and flowers contrasted with them: jasmine, rose and carnation. After few hours, as we will reach the notes of the depth of Sawlaj, we will taste the brilliant, soft – but original thanks to the use of oakmoss and exotic vetiver – sweetness. It is brought into the composition by vanilla chords enhanced with a balsamic note of benzoin resin. The whole fragrance brings to mind the aroma of a specific cognac to which, apart from sweet, spicy and leather nuances, a slightly bitter, pharmacy note has been smuggled. This composition will be perfect for special occasions, important events and moments in which we want to feel like the heroes of the foreground.



Fiddah Collection consists of five unique fragrances that embody different moods, emotions and personalities. These are compositions of extraordinary power and more oriental character. Especially targeted at male perfume enthusiasts. In a class of its own.