Oriental – floral fragrance for women and men. Created in 2018 in cooperation with the famous perfumer Alix Miral.

Joorie is a fragrance starring a rose. It is extremely warm, full of depth, delicately sweetened with dry honey and seasoned with cloves. We can safely say that Joorie is a composition that seduces and stimulates the senses.

210 EUR



CATEGORY: feminine

Joorie Eau de Parfum is bathed in lipstick red for a reason. Its main character is a carmine rose. However, there is much more going on in this oriental-floral composition by Alix Miral. In the openning we experience a real spice explosion: nutmeg, ginger, clove and pepper create an ensemble that is warm and energizing at the same time. They are sprinkled with a few drops of lemon and bergamot. At the heart of the Joorie, the aforementioned rose is accompanied by an orange blossom and a beautiful perfume ingredient called “green gold” : ylang ylang. The floral core of the fragrance is sweet, warm, powdery and sunny at the same time. The honey in the base of the composition is certainly responsible for the golden sweetness, but its sweet, slightly coarse and warming sound permeates the whole of this exceptionally seductive fragrance. Wood, vanilla, musk and tonka beans complete the picture. Joorie is assertive, but not aggressive, sweet, but not sugary, floral, but with a strong woody backbone. Unique.


The Warde Collection is an incredibly elegant collection, created as a tribute to women. It is inspired by the world of plants that give everyday life a different dimension. Whether it will be a rose, crocus, jasmine or magnolia, it is the flowers that make everything that surrounds us more beautiful. In perfumes they gain even more depth and character.