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Travel Set 3 x 2ml

Kajal Bestseller Set


We have created a set consisting of our Bestsellers that can be put into a bag, suitcase or car. We have selected the 3 most popular compositions so that you can have your favorite fragrance with you regardless of the occasion. We cannot always take the entire bottle of perfume on a journey, so in this set we have prepared larger samples with a capacity of 2 ml each. You can take them with you on any trip as a Travel Set.

The samples are packed in a bag, the vials with an atomizer have a capacity of 2 ml each (a total of 6 ml in the set).

15 EUR

(2,5 eu / 1ml)

Kajal Bestseller Set includes:

MASA – Masa, the Arabic name for a singular diamond. If we had an eternity to sift through a sea of diamonds, we would never find two the same, they are renowned for their uniqueness as much as they are for their astonishing beauty.

DAHAB – Ever since appeared in the collection, it has become an absolute bestseller and remains so to this day. Magical and charming, “Dahab” means gold in Arabic. It is a timeless fragrance that you will always to come back to. Created by an incredibly talented duo: Chris Carbonnell and Rosendo Mateu. The most frequently chosen fragrance, adored by women. Fragrance family: fruity-oriental.

LAMAR – Lamar is an oriental-floral fragrance for women and men. It was launched in 2020. The creator of this composition is Mark Buxton. The Golden Lamar has been featured in the best fashion and beauty magazines all over Europe many times, incl. Vogue Italia. Hailed as one of the best-selling niche fragrances in recent years.


For all those who do not know the Kajal Perfumes Paris brand yet and would like to try our compositions, we have created Discovery Sets, which we have divided into several categories: feminine / unisex, masculine / unisex and brand bestsellers. Unisex fragrances are often chosen by both women and men and are therefore not classified as feminine or masculine.