Homme II is a fragrance for men by Kajal, created in 2021 by perfumers Rosendo Matue and Christian Carbonell.

Just like its predecessor Kajal Homme, it is definitely a masculine fragrance, full of class and elegance. Homme II is an extremely charismatic composition that will complement the grace, style and uniqueness of a man.

185 EUR



CATEGORY: masculine

Homme II is the latest Kajal Perfumes fragrance, created by the proven Mateu-Carbonell duo in 2021. It differs from the classic Homme with a more generous dose of green notes, while maintaining all its aromatic beauty. The composition is built by a galaxy of notes loved by men. It opens green and citrus and the combination of these energetic notes immediately stimulates action. Its heart is full of aromatic herbs – rosemary, sage and lavender, spices – cinnamon and cloves, and cedar wood interestingly juxtaposed with a juicy peach accord. After many hours on the skin, the composition reverberates with a charismatic mixture of wood notes, sweet accords, musk and insanely noble oak moss. It is a fragrance for a true connoisseur of beauty in every way. Deep, dry and classic, unmistakably masculine, Kajal Homme II is a perfect harmony of masculinity and nature.


A collection of seven best-selling fragrances created by one of the world’s most famous perfumers: Christian Carbonnell, Rosendo Mateu, Mark Buxton and Rania Jounaeh. The compositions from the Classic Collection are very modern. The bottles retain their oriental character, while the fragrances themselves are definitely more European. Often chosen as a gift, our top of the top.