Warde is an oriental – floral composition from 2018. It is created by the great French perfumer Alix Miral. Wardé is generosity. It is a reflection of the beauty of abundance, prosperity and wealth. Flowers play an important role in our daily life.

210 EUR



CATEGORY: feminine

Wardé is the fragrance named like the entire collection. It stands for generosity of the floral world, which we admire in many forms. Not only in nature, but also in art, ornamentation and architecture. And although this fragrance has a floral heart woven from rose, jasmine, orange flower and violet, it is in fact a truly multidimensional and surprising composition. The first surprise is the green absinthe placed in the Wardé opening. It introduces a remarkable sweet, herbal and alcoholic note. It is accompanied by the freshness of pine needles, currant juiciness and the bitterness of mugwort. This viscous mixture, which can make many people dizzy, calms down in the depths of the composition where the theme of green is beautifully continued. Firstly, thanks to the fir balm, secondly, thanks to the patchouli, and thirdly, thanks to the oak moss. These three deep ingredients make the sweet-floral composition look chic and sophisticated, and thanks to its original combinations, it cannot be mistaken for anything else. A fragrance that delights both women and men. The perfect choice for signature scent.


The Warde Collection is an incredibly elegant collection, created as a tribute to women. It is inspired by the world of plants that give everyday life a different dimension. Whether it will be a rose, crocus, jasmine or magnolia, it is the flowers that make everything that surrounds us more beautiful. In perfumes they gain even more depth and character.