ALUJAIN by Kajal 100ml EdP

Rose at its best for men! The makers of Arabic perfumes treat this queen of flowers as an ingredient that perfectly matches men’s skin since centuries. And it’s hard to disagree with them. The rose brings juiciness, breathes freshness and adds velvety softness. In Alujain it was combined with creamy iris and geranium – a green shrub often used to deepen the rose’s aroma and bring out some rough, masculine nuances from it. The other pole of this composition by Christian Carbonnel are strong wood notes, so strong and dry that they almost rub against animal chords. In combination with the aforementioned rose, they create a combination of fresh and rough, almost completely devoid of sweetness at the opening and heart stages. However, we will see this in the depths of the composition. It will not be sweetness, but rather a counterpoint to the earlier tartness and an attractive continuation of the floral theme. Delicious water for a dynamic, courageous person who likes deep and uncompromisingly woody sounds at the same time.

5.00 185.00