JIHAN by Kajal 100ml EdP

Dipped in purple, Jihan is a tribute to the beautiful crocus flower, from which comes a precious ingredient used both in the kitchen and in perfumery – saffron. This is the main character of this spicy, floral and woody composition. Saffron smells like luxurious leather smeared with golden balms. It is an inseparable ingredient of Middle Eastern perfumes. In Jihan it is beautifully deepened by agar resin, patchouli and sandalwood. And who is the main partner of refined saffron? A ripe rose, of course – fresh and sweet at the same time, but keeping the sweetness in check. The dance of these two partners is enriched by notes of apple blossom, spicy cloves, magnolia, and a drop of dark vanilla in the base of the composition. Jihan is created for everyone who appreciates deep, mysterious and sublime sounds. This fragrance will show its charm perfectly on both women’s and men’s skins. Remember – a rose in Arabic perfumery is a typically male ingredient! You should not be afraid of it. Especially when served in such a beautiful spicy and woody entourage.

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