LAMAR by Kajal 100ml Edp


CATEGORY: feminine/unisex

Fragrance family: oriental / floral

TOP NOTES: Pineapple, Red Berries, Apple, Cardamom and Coriander;

HEART NOTES: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Jasmine and Magnolia;

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Amber, Cashmere Wood, Cedar, Musk and Moss.

Behind the best-selling Lamar composition is the famous and extremely prolific niche creator Mark Buxton. He created a fruity-floral-oriental fragrance for Kajal Perfumes, which works as the best mood enhancer. Well-being is improved just by looking at this rich, golden bottle that beautifully filters the sun rays. Lamar means „liquid gold” and you can actually get the impression that while wearing this fragrance you surround yourself with an aura of optimistic, luxurious and addictive gold. The opening is a fruity explosion dominated by juicy notes of pineapple and papaya. They are balanced with the spicy sounds of cardamom and coriander. The heart of the fragrance is dominated by flowers, with rose and magnolia at the fore. Saffron adds some elegance to the whole composition and prevents the fragrance from falling into too hard candy notes. At the Lamar base, fruit bites and flower petals are flooded with a wave of sweetness that seem to candize them. Ambroxan, cedar and vanilla are surely responsible for this effect, and above all, the delicious note of toffee…

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