SAREEF by Kajal 100ml EdP

Sareef is by far the most fresh and most energizing fragrance of the Fiddah collection. It is like a gulp of cool coastal air filled with aromas of coastal vegetation. Its beginning is fresh and aromatic. Bergamot, lemon and cool juniper are like a chilled dry drink. In the heart of the fragrance we discover more aromas including euganol- an interesting organic fragrance molecule found among others in herbs and pine oil. Green and herbal chords are strengthened with cedar wood, cashmeran and leather. In the background we experience even more woody atmosphere composed of vetiver, patchouli and oud, slightly softened with a duo of ambergris and vanilla. Sareef inspires energy, it is perfect for the outdoors as it stimulates and creates an optimistic, friendly aura. It is an exceptionally summer composition with pure male chords – wood and leather. A fragrance that should be on the shelf of a person who prefers cool, dry notes over sweetness.

5.00 185.00