WAREK by Kajal 100ml EdP

Warek is the most woody creation in the oriental Fiddah collection which consists of a unisex fragrance with a dominant role of male chords. Its main character is oud – a valuable agar resin obtained from exotic Aguillaria trees. This ingredient smells multidimensionally – mainly woody and smoky, but it can also fall into pharmacy, honey and animal climates. In this composition oud is supported by a whole host of masculine-sounding notes. First- a precious saffron and a light smudge of mystical incense. In the heart – strong guaiac wood, Indian patchouli and an accord of sweet amber. Finally the uncompromising depth of the composition woven from the aforementioned agar resin, leather and vanilla. Is that all that Warek has for us? Absolutely not! There is one more ingredient that affects all the others with its subtle power. It’s a rose! A rose that brings freshness, juiciness and fruity tone to the composition. It is impossible to go unnoticed in this fragrance. It attracts the attention of the environment like a magnet!

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