YASMINA by Kajal 100ml EdP

This Eau de Parfum only seemingly exudes the innocent whiteness of the packaging. In fact, it is built on an incredibly bold contrast. White symbolizes the floral aspect of the composition, and it is – as the name suggests – lush jasmine. However, we quickly discover the other face of Yasmina – pure, animal skin. A truly bold and original combination! Two spices also play in the top notes – cardamom and saffron – the latter, created to beautify leather accords. Apart from jasmine, which definitely plays the main role among the flowers, sunny ylang ylang, velvety iris and – attention! – a glass of quality whiskey. Does anyone else doubt that this fragrance has a chance to win not only women’s hearts? The flawless trio of vanilla, patchouli and tonka beans are responsible for the depth. Yasmina is not sweet and only on the first contact smells nice with white flowers. In fact, it is a bold and strong leather composition. A rarity for lovers of this ingredient.

5.00 210.00