A composition from the collection of the same name is warm and sensual. The scent is strongly felt on the skin – sexy, even erotic, with a smoky leather accent. Fiddah was launched in 2017. The creator of the fragrance is Christian Carbonnel.

185 EUR



CATEGORY: masculine

Fiddah, from which the entire silver-decorated fragrance collection takes its name, is an absolute treat for fans of sweets in a male edition. Smoky, tobacco sweetness, associated with the mysterious atmosphere of a nightclub where the air is mixed with aromas of quality alcoholic beverages, cigars and perfumes of regular visitors. Fruits, flowers and a pinch of sweet anise perfectly introduce the main theme of this composition – the tobacco and leather duo. The former is fruity and sweet, the latter – as soft as suede. The base of the fragrance is remarkably sweet. It consists of rum accords of tonka bean, dark vanilla, amber amber and sensual musk. Fiddah is an extremely sensual, magnetizing composition. The perfect partner for a date or night out at the club. Fiddah’s sweetness, however, is not banal or dessert. We feel definitely masculine here. But how could it be otherwise when it comes to aromatic tobacco leaves and pure leather. This fragrance will also be loved by women – on men, and possibly also on themselves.


Fiddah Collection consists of five unique fragrances that embody different moods, emotions and personalities. These are compositions of extraordinary power and more oriental character. Especially targeted at male perfume enthusiasts. In a class of its own.